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The first few months of parenthood with Georgia Jones, founder of The Georgia Edit and wife of McFly guitarist and vocalist Danny Jones

Georgia Jones is a model, vlogger, presenter and is also a former Miss England. Her husband is McFly vocalist and guitarist Danny Jones, and the couple welcomed their first baby, Cooper Alf Jones earlier this year in January. 

Georgia documented her pregnancy on her YouTube channel The Georgia Edit. In her ‘Bump’ series, she talked about everything from getting ready for labour, to what she and Danny packed in their hospital bags (Georgia has the Jemima in black and Danny has the black leather Jamie).

We caught up with Georgia to find out how she and Danny have been coping with the first few months of parenthood – from sleepless nights to poo explosions! 

Hi Georgia firstly huge congratulations to you and Danny on the arrival of Cooper. We’ve loved following your journey on Instagram, how did you and Danny first meet and fall in love? 

Thanks so much! Well it was all very un-romantic actually! We met at an event and didn't particularly like each other to begin with! A year later and lots of persistence from Danny we finally went on our first date and the rest is history!

You’ve had an exciting career as a model, what are the best and most difficult parts of your job? 

I think the most difficult part is the long hours with little or no breaks and hardly any food! Some companies think models don't eat... which is sooooo far from the truth! It's quite sad when you’re called 'The Model' for a whole shoot... learn my name!!

The upsides of modelling however far outweigh the odd job where these things happen! Seeing the final images from a shoot in magazines / on billboards / on TV etc is so rewarding.

What did you do to prepare for the birth and arrival of Cooper?

One thing that I’m so glad I did was keep my exercise regime up, even in the final months. It made me feel energised and strong through my pregnancy (and during labour!). We also made sure we had all the basics... babygrows, vests, nappies etc packed into our hospital bags (which then became our changing bags!) ready for when our little one arrived.

What have the first few months of parenthood been like? 

Amazing, scary, crazy, hectic, hard work, sleep deprived! But we are totally loving being parents to our gorgeous little Cooper.

What’s the craziest present Cooper was given?

Oooooh we have had some absolutely amazing presents! Cooper already has his very first guitar! It's a beautiful baby blue and is hand painted and personalised – from his aunty Vicky and uncle Ant.

Do you have any advice for soon to be new parents?

Remember to listen to one another, don't forget to kiss and cuddle each other and not just your new baby, and remember it's normal to snap and argue. You’re exhausted and have a new little person to look after and it’s so normal to get annoyed with each other!

We loved your hospital bag video featuring your Jem + Bea Jemima on your YouTube channel, The Georgia Edit. Has your bag managed to stay so organised now Cooper is here?

It's a little less organised now and may have the odd splash of baby sick on it (thank goodness it's wipe clean!)! But it's always sat just near the front door fully stocked ready to leave the house! Thank goodness it has so many handy pockets in it.

And finally, what are the 5 essential items you both keep inside your Jem + Bea Jemima and Jamie bags?

1. Nappies of course! I always carry at least 5 with me

2. Coconut oil. This is what we use to keep his little bum soft and nappy rash free!

3. Water Wipes are great for nappy changes and sticky mitts!

4. A change of clothes for Cooper... You never know when a poo explosion might happen!

5. My Expert Midwife Nipple Balm, for sore nips, dry skin and great as a lip balm!


1st May 2018

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