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My Mama Style with Orlagh O’Reilly of The Mini Post

Orlagh O’Reilly, founder of The Mini Post, lives by the sea in Dublin with her husband, and their daughter Keira (Kiki), who is nearly 6 and their son, Dillon Blu, who will be 2 in the summer.

The family moved to Dublin last August after 15 years in London. Orlagh says:

“I was terrified leaving all that I knew in London, my lovely friends, my favourite cafes, little rituals… but change although scary as hell, is good. I've embraced it and life is great. The kids are so happy here, they have more freedom, fresh sea air and see family more often. I have lovely new friends who are amazing and making life a lot of fun. I also get to London so frequently that it's the perfect balance.”

Life is busy for the blogger, brand consultant and designer. She has recently launched The Mini Post Apparel – a super-cool collection of tees and stationery. She says: “Like most working moms it’s a complete juggle, but I really enjoy my career, and have been so lucky to work with amazing people, agencies and brands (Hermés, Nike, ASOS, Stella McCartney).”

Specialising in fashion, beauty and retail branding, she knows a thing or two about style. We’re big fans of her effortless approach to dressing; her Instagram feed is full of leopard print, white lace layered over white denim and the coolest accessories – from gold Gucci Princetown loafers to family heirloom jewellery.

We caught up with Orlagh to find out more about her mama style. From her favourite places to shop to what we’d find if we peeked inside her wardrobe, read our interview with her below…

How would you describe your style?
I guess it's a little bit preppy with a hit of modernity. A well-tailored jacket with a t-shirt is my go to for work. Off duty, the wardrobe fundamentals of jeans, a shirt, great shoes and sunglasses. I love classic American style with an edge, how Jenna Lyons manages to pull it off.

If we were to take a peek in your wardrobe, what would we find?  
Utter chaos! It’s a mess. I never have time to keep it organised. So I definitely wouldn't let you anywhere near it!

Do you have a mama uniform?
Absolutely. Jeans, a shirt and trainers / Birkenstocks.

On days out with Keira and Dillon, how do you style up comfy / practical outfits?
On days out with Kiki and Dillon, I like to be comfortable and be able to enjoy running about and having fun with them. They also still like to be carried a lot, so I don’t want to be restricted by what I’m wearing. My go-to is a white cashmere boyfriend sweater that I got from Hush so long ago (please make them again Hush!) the best white jeans ever from M.i.h, which I wear with either gold loafers or classic white Isabel Marant trainers.

What are your wardrobe fail-safes that you reach for on days when you feel like you have nothing to wear?
Oh I have a lot of those days. Especially since having babies, my shape has changed completely, some days I just don’t feel confident. And Murphy's law, on days when I've got a big meeting. Recently I have been turning to platforms like MERCER7 and BORN AT DAWN - which I find hugely inspiring and practically helpful. Many of the pieces you may already have in your wardrobe, and they inspire you to look at them in fresh ways. You can shop directly from them, they curate the most amazing basics. It’s a great way to shop especially for busy moms. On days I feel I have nothing to wear, it’s definitely black leather leggings, crisp white shirt, white Marants with a Maje leopard print fur coat thrown over for good measure. It just works every time. Makes me feel like I can take on the world despite maybe only having a couple of hours sleep.

What are the pieces you’ll be saving to pass down to Keira?
I’m quite sentimental so I will definitely pass on some beautiful pieces of antique jewellery that have been handed down to me. There are lovely stories behind the pieces, and it’s such a nice way to talk about loved ones who are no longer with us, and remember them. It's a lovely family tradition to continue.

What are your favourite brands and stores where you know you’ll always be able to find something you love?
As part of my job I create retail environments, and I know every inch of every retail space, so going to shops to shop is not something I enjoy. So I shop online for the most part, mytheresa.com, Net-a-porter, ASOS, Zara. I love discovering new brands, which my lovely friend who is a stylist in NYC is always introducing me to. My current obsession is Sea New York for their white shirts, which are so beautiful, and very high on my wish list.

Are there any pieces in your wardrobe (past and present!) that you wish you’d bought two of, or bought in another colour?
No. I tend to be very mindful of what I buy and really happy to buy just that one item. I will then more than likely wear it to death for months, at which point I'm ready for something new.

Any absolute wardrobe fails over the years?
Oh my goodness, Yes!

Any items you feel you can never have too many of?
I love white. I wear it year round. So the perfect white jeans or white shirt are always top of my list. There's something about white that instantly lifts my mood. A crisp white shirt always looks fresh and laid back.

How will you be wearing your Jem + Bea MAMA clutch?
I adore the Blush MAMA clutch! It’s the perfect shade of blush pink and the gold mark gives it such a beautiful touch. It will compliment many white outfits. It will be perfect and look effortless with a simple white summer dress.

And finally, what are your all time favourite pieces from your wardrobe…
It’s constantly evolving. In cool months, it's going to be a beautiful wool sweater by &Daughter, which is inspired by traditional Scottish and Irish knits. The minute the weather is dry, I pretty much live in slip-on Gucci gold Princetown loafers.

I love t-shirts, and at the moment I would cheekily have to say my own collection of slogan t-shirts, which I produce in ethical organic cotton in a loose boyfriend style but with a 3/4 length sleeve, for an effortless vibe. My two favourites are the original DEADLY t-shirt and the LOVE t-shirt in a beautiful blush pink, which I will most definitely style with the blush MAMA clutch


12th April 2017

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